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General Questions

What services do you provide?

Roseland Spinal Rehabilitation Center is a multi-specialty center dedicated to chiropractic care, physical therapy, non-surgical spinal decompression, acupuncture, laser therapy and nutritional therapy.

What conditions can be treated by Roseland Spinal Rehabilitation Center?

We currently treat an array of conditions, including, but not limited to Arthritis, auto injuries, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Fibromyalgia, foot/ankle pain, general back pain, headaches/migraines, herniated/bulging discs, inflammation, joint pain, knee pain, lower and upper back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, Scoliosis, sports injuries, weight management and more.

What insurance do you accept?

We are an in-network participate with Medicare and QualCare and an out-of-network participate with all major insurance providers.

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment through our website here, or you can call our offices at 973-228-1488.


What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint that is “locked up,” or not moving properly. The purpose of this safe and natural procedure is to eliminate interference in the nervous system, improving spinal function and overall health. The popping sounds you hear during an adjustment are your joints releasing small pockets of gases.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment for most back and neck problems. Chiropractic spinal adjustments are extremely safe when performed by licensed chiropractors. Any reported soreness following an initial adjustment is similar to that associated with starting a new workout program.

How long is a chiropractic visit?

Most visit lengths depend on the severity of your condition, however a first visit can last as long as 30 minutes, with follow-up visits as little as 5-10 minutes.

How often will I need to receive a chiropractic adjustment?

Following your first visit, your doctor will determine the best course of treatment for the specific needs of your condition.


What can I expect from physical therapy?

Physical Therapy can help you recover from an injury, surgery or chronic pain through decreasing pain, improving overall mobility and increasing strength and flexibility. It can help to restore function of activities of your daily life.

Is physical therapy painful?

Most physical therapy techniques offer pain relief and are not painful. These include hands-on techniques and therapeutic modalities.

How long is a typical physical therapy session?

Typical sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, however the time is based on your specific needs and the extent of your injury or condition.

How many physical therapy sessions will I need?

As each patient’s diagnosis is different, our physician will develop a plan of care for you during your first visit.


What is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

There are a variety of treatments, procedures, or therapies for treating back pain caused by conditions such as sciatica, disc bulges, or spinal stenosis. Some options include physical therapy, prescribed exercise programs, chiropractic treatment, and acupuncture. Other interventional treatments for back pain include spinal epidural injections, facet injections, nerve blocks, nerve ablation, non-surgical spinal decompression, and laser therapy.

What kind of conditions does Spinal Decompression treat?

Spinal Decompression treats disc problems, including bulging discs, cervical herniated discs, lumbar spine herniated discs, degenerated discs, as well as joint facet syndrome, sciatica and spinal stenosis.


What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is low-intensity laser therapy that stimulates healing while using low levels of light. The technique is called “cold” laser therapy because the low levels of light aren’t enough to heat your body’s tissue.

What conditions can Cold Laser Therapy treat?

Arthritis, bursitis, joint pain, ligament sprains, knee pain, lower back pain, muscle strains, neck pain, nerve regeneration, pain associated with muscle spams, skin rejuvenation, sports injuries, swelling, tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, wound healing and more.


Does acupuncture hurt?

Many patients tell us they can’t feel their needles at any point during acupuncture therapy. Occasionally some patients experience minor discomfort when the needles are inserted, but this is rare. Our acupuncturists use very thin needles and insert them gently.

How long is a typical acupuncture treatment?

During your first visit, our Acupuncturist will review your symptoms and clinical diagnosis to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Some patients will feel relief after just 1 session, however others will need anywhere from 8 to 12 sessions over the course of sever weeks. A treatment session can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.


How long is the program?

Our comprehensive detoxification weight loss program consists of 3 phases (Detoxification, Fat Burner and Sustainability) over the course of 11 weeks.

How long is each phase?

Phase 1 lasts 6 weeks; Phase 2 lasts 3 weeks; Phase 3 lasts 2 weeks.

What is the average weight loss over the course of the program?

The average male will lose between 20-25 pounds, while the average female will lose between 15-20 pounds.

How is this program different from other weight loss programs?

Our program helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, while also working to improve cellular hydration and metabolism to optimal levels in your body. What sets our program apart is that it's 100% personalized for each individual - designed to match their lifestyle and evaluate any health concerns or issues that may influence their weight loss.