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Detoxification Weight Loss Program

Our Detoxification Weight Loss Program gives you the tools and personal guidance to succeed.

Our comprehensive detoxification weight loss program consists of three phases over the course of 11 weeks. The program helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, while also improving cellular hydration and metabolism to optimal levels for your body. The average male will lose between 20-25 pounds, while the average female will lose between 15-20 pounds.

Here at Roseland Spinal Rehabilitation Center, hundreds of patients have successfully learned and used this program over the past many years.

As we are dedicated to your safety and long term success, patients are closely examined and monitored by Dr. John Capriglione during their entire weight loss process. And unlike other weight loss programs, our program is 100% personalized for each individual. It’s designed to match an individual’s lifestyle and evaluate any health concerns or issues that may influence their weight loss.

A 3-phase program for weight loss success!


➣ Doctor Consults
➣ Screenings/Scans
➣ Supplements

PHASE 1 │ Detoxification


In the first phase, patients will start with a comprehensive health assessment. From there, they will begin the process of detoxifying their bodies from prior bad eating and living habits. Patients will additionally discover the habits necessary to eliminate toxins from their body and become aware of the improvement to their health that will result from making these changes.

PHASE 2 │ Fat Burner


In the second phase, patients will start to burn fat. This phase is designed to accelerate an individual's metabolism and fat burning. Here patients will focus on consuming healthy fats and avoiding saturated fats. Foods in this stage include avocados, nuts, olive oil, seeds, and eggs.

PHASE 3 │ Sustainability


The final phase is a long-term plan for patients to sustain and manage the results they have achieved. Patients will learn and acclimate to a new healthy eating and cooking lifestyle. Research shows that people who can maintain their weight loss for at least two years, will end up keeping it off for life.

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